DON’T TOUCH MY SH- SHTUFF! Usually, it’s ‘don’t touch my shit,’ Adults are home. We are the last generation of Latchkey Kids We spent our afternoons alone listening to music Songs we couldn’t play loud with adults around In 1993 I was eleven, he was fourteen Too cool for me in public Best of buddies […]

Good morning to you, Pumpkin Pie. Good morning to you, Mama. Soft voices vibrate soothingly from the outside, waking the twins. Teddy, the larger and more active of the two, stretched lazily as his foot grazed his wombmate’s head. Tyler’s arms glide towards his head and he pats the ear that was just kicked. His […]

I ain’t heard one person over the age of ten who proclaims that Valentine’s Day is the best holiday on the planet. That’s because it genuinely isn’t. I’ve participated in over thirty myself, and the ones that particularly jump out at me involve a guy from Glenpool when I was a senior, and my dad. […]