Excuse me, I’m with the band.

I’m extremely jealous of musicians; my whole family plays some kind of instrument, I’m basically the squib of music. It’s embarrassing. I love to listen, sing and be in the vicinity of music but my contributions are often minimal.  I just wanna be there, let me listen and enjoy. Nobody appreciates musical talent like I do. 

In high school, my homeboys over at Conrad Farms had a band. We used to go to their house after school, light up and watch them play for hours. I remember thinking that nothing in the world was more entertaining or fulfilling than sitting in a tight area feeling the vibrations of a bunch of different instruments washing over me. 

Do I like you or the music?

The vibrations feel good but do your kisses too?

Did your hair always look like that 

Or did it come with the guitar?

That was taken directly from one of my journals back in 1998. 

IMG_5406I probably endured 20 years before I experienced a band rehearsal again, which was entirely too long. The difference now is that I speak a bit more eloquently than a teenage girl, and I can afford and legally buy my own libations. 

I’m not gonna tell you how I got to see a rehearsal with Fort Smith’s own The New West; just be happy I did. All that matters is that I made it in the front door and I did not want to leave. 

The band consists of four pretty cool guys led by the powerful fairy queen of all the brass winds and deep sultry vocals, Kellie Lindsay.  Now, you know I have to highlight my women, cause who run the world though? We also have lead guitarist Jonothon, bassist Dan, drummer Brandon, and vocalist and guitarist Landon.  I can’t tell you everything about them yet because I’m excited to tell you, if you don’t already know these guys are playing our second Out Loud Concert Series at Frozen on the Border January 9th!

So that night I was allowed to view the intimacy of watching a new song unfold, feeling them ‘feel’ when something felt good, noticing when each musician improvised for the other.  You don’t receive that experience at a live show. That’s why you sneak into rehearsals.

I fell in love with them watching their acoustic work.  They’re amazing, guys. And they’re here, in our city. 

It’s the part of music that we forget about when the music’s so loud you can feel it pumping through your veins. You can feel each instrument playing and you’re just sitting there, soaking it in.  It’s not every day I’m allowed that luxury, to just sit and allow creative energy to flow over me.

Click below to hear their new track “Like This”  which is available on SoundCloud and YouTube!

Find them on Facebook and Instagram for more information on shows, and definitely bring the family to our next Out Loud Concert Series at Frozen on the Border January 9th at 6pm!


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  1. Carol Ann Carson says:

    What a fun experience!


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