Episode Three

It took a minute, but I survived the holidays with the rest of y’all and I’m ready to share our first Out Loud Concert Series of the year with The New West!

Melissa and her crew over at Frozen Over Hell on the Border were gracious to allow us and a piggity-packed house to enjoy snow cones, color a setlist, and dance until bathtime!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support our creative community, I was telling a friend that the reason behind me doing these little concerts in the style of NPR’s Tiny Desk is because I feel like our music community deserves to be placed on such a pedestal. Have you ever seen The Gilmore Girls? I feel like Fort Smith is just like that- there are enough of us to support each other and cultivate our talent.

I see you rolling your eyes, yeah, Lorelei and Rory had a really toxic relationship, and Dean was a piece of work but the main theme is that everyone in the city cared about each other and their success. They patronized each other and supported everybody’s weird little ideas, like that guy Kirk who’s always carrying around a camera and working everywhere.

This isn’t the most miserable city in the world, you guys. My third podcast has zero miserable people, with the exception of this guy.

We love you, Bobby!

Definitely check out this third podcast, and share with your friends if you like it!

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