Nobody actually enjoys VD

I ain’t heard one person over the age of ten who proclaims that Valentine’s Day is the best holiday on the planet.

That’s because it genuinely isn’t. I’ve participated in over thirty myself, and the ones that particularly jump out at me involve a guy from Glenpool when I was a senior, and my dad.

Since I graduated high school, I can tell you confidently that I never enjoy Valentine’s Day. It gets hyped up for a good month, then the day comes and I was either waiting tables, getting dumped in text messages, or drinking raspberry vodka and Sprite, crying.

By the time I got married, I made a point to ruin the day long in advance by commenting as passively as possible, “Don’t do anything for me this year, every year sucks. ” Then I’d buy myself something and get in trouble for gifting myself instead of waiting for the card and flowers I usually got the morning of, and the joke that came every year that he picked them up at Walmart instead of the gas station this year. Then I’d hand over a handwritten letter and chocolate and go about our day like it never happened.

Fast forward to now, and I am single, unable to passive-aggressively confuse and ruin the holiday weeks for my partner before it’s to come. This year I will get no last-minute card or the gas station joke. I will, however, walk around the house, glaring nothing and everything in general. I’ll likely scroll my feed and see how everyone else is celebrating and throw shade with the other miserable broads out there who ain’t gettin’ nothin either. Maybe spend some of the day texting my other equally single friends talking about how unlovable we are and feign a pep talk that sounds and feels like what we should need and follow but we ship our aching hearts back into that place of insecurity that reminds us that if we were acceptable mates, we would be posting pictures of our V-Day haul like the rest of the girls who are actually loved.

I mean, we could do that, right?

Sounds like a blast, right?

I know some of y’all do it every year, and if you check your “On this Day” around this time you will be just as guilty as I am for cursing this holiday dedicated to showing a person how much you’re supposed to love them.

I think this year, I’mma go ahead and see how much love I can send out. Maybe I’ve been going about this holiday all wrong, when is anything ever supposed to be about what a person can do to prove to you that you’re special?

Maybe my problem was that instead of inspecting to receive accolades for how amazing and lovable I am, maybe I should go be lovable and amazing towards someone who deserves it.

That being said, friends, we have until February 10 to come up with supplies to gift twenty women in need in our community. Some girls and I thought it would be a great idea to create locally made cosmetic bags (think ipsy) to give to our women at the Reynolds Center.

February tenth we will all meet at Jeff’s Clubhouse for lunch (more details soon on this) for brunch and mimosas. While we brunch and mimo, we will assemble these bags, listen to music from the incredible Tabitha Graves, I’d absolutely love some readings on our views on this particular holiday and of course, we gonna podcast it.

I’d originally opened this for women only, because I foolishly assumed no men would be interested in involving themselves in this type of community service, but if you’re up to donating or helping us out, the more the merrier!

Love isn’t supposed to hurt, right? So for once, let’s take control over a day we all say we hate and make it a special day for someone with a broken heart.

If you’re interested in donating twenty small local cosmetic items (soap, lip balm, lotion, body wash etc) Please contact me. We are also accepting monetary donations to assist in the purchasing bags and other items.

Also, if you’re interested in helping us plan, contact me! I’m terrible at keeping up with myself and would love to see what it’s like to not bathe in several self made dumpster fires while we come up with all the small details!

Thanks so much for reading, listening, and contributing to my podcast, I’m finally starting to get my groove, getting some words down and I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you soon! Share this with someone who you think might be interested in joining us February 10th!

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