A Conversation with a Couple of Old Friends.

Hello, Logic and Reason,

So nice to see you both!

Yes, yes I remember you.

Yes, I know you’re always here for me to utilize at my discretion.

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve called on you for hel-

Okay. Yeah, I know. I can only repeat my excuses so many times.

But can we take my heart into account for a second?

Can we-

Oh, Okay. Yeah, you’re right.

I’m not dumb, weak, or powerless.

I am in fact the complete opposite.

I’m not actually being rejected, replaced

Declared unnecessary.

Then what is it?

And why does it feel like this?

And how come everybody but them knows; is it a public secret?

How does one with so much access to the best parts of me only see the worst?

How loud do my flaws scream, I hear them of course,

but can everyone else?

Or is it all in my head?

Can you answer me that, Logic?

How bout you, Reason?

Yeah, I thought so.

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