The Baptism of Shannon McGill

This is a special episode because to me, it’s the beginning of a huge shift in my life. Let me start out by introducing you to the Goddess who dipped me and made me new.

The first time I met Kat Wilson I was standing in the front yard of our mutual friend, EB. It was raining, and we were on our usual Instagram BS taking pictures of us doing yoga poses in the rain like a couple of arrogant clowns. We were like, 30 so you know. I know so much better now.

Anyways, this working artist takes time out of her day to take pictures of us messing around in the street. She wore these tiny boots that matched her fanny pack and I told EB that I wanted to put a picture of her on my wall and fangirl on her every night. That was about five years ago.

Fast forward to now, I’ve had the pleasure of watching her place her subjects in her Habitat Series and all I could think of is how freeing it would be to pose for her, and to be her muse for at least ten minutes. I wanted to feel powerful and human like the others; I wanted to look interesting.

Posing for her allowed me to look at the things I hold dear to me. We totally forgot to put my yoga mat in there but it be like that sometimes. All of these items in front of me were interesting, at least to me. I was interesting. I was also beautiful and powerful. I didn’t need anyone to tell me anymore. I could just do it.

So I summoned all the years of Top Model Marathons that mattered and WORKED THAT SHIT.

She took MAYBE four shots; Jay Emanuel would have fainted, had he seen the wind I created. For real, y’all. Then she packed up and bounced. Didn’t even let me see what she did. My anxiety led me to believe that my cameraman Greg was in on it cause he didn’t let me see much either.

I didn’t get to see the photo until it was on the wall. I wanted to cry. I stared at the water dripping off my body and decided that was my favorite part of the picture; I like to see things trapped midair. That’s how I feel most of the time, can you imagine how your stomach feels every day when your’e in the middle of a free fall? I can even feel it right now as I type, I have to stop and wait for it to pass.

So there it is; the Sunday afternoon that my mom came and cleaned my house, boo Heather cooked us brunch, my homeboy Greg popped in, set up my back porch and captured my GLOW UP, and Kat Wilson baptized me as Shannon McGill.

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