The Whole Crew Here

I’m a couple weeks into summer vacation with the boys and I can already tell that I will miss being a stay at home mom.

I’m so fortunate to have a bit of wiggle room, maybe to allow myself the space to enjoy them before I do what normal single moms do, who knows.

The energy in my house, even with five kids in here stays serene and catching glimpses of the kids playing alone is what I’ll miss the most.

Tyler isn’t your typical two year old: he roams this house confidently like he bought it himself. He is safe anywhere, the toilets, walls and couches are not.

Today we are in true fashion, Donald Duckin’ it until someone shows up or we have to leave. I’m writing, Blake’s chatting it up with a girl he’s arranged to marry on Roadblox or whatever its called, and Tyler is walking around the house dropping hot wheels in random places.

Tyler’s chatting to himself and as he walks down the hallway he says clear as MF day,

“Come on, Teddy.”

You guys I didn’t cry. I just thought to myself, I knew he was here.

I knew he was here.

The whole crew here, y’all.

Happy Summer Vacation.

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