McGill’s Full Moon, est. 1982

If you’re reading this and you’ve known me longer than a year then chances are, you’ve seen my bare ass.

I like to moon people. Always have; ask my friends from high school.


If you’ve known me longer than five years those chances go up about 63%

If you’ve known me since the 1990’s, you have most definitely seen my bare ass because low-rise jeans could NOT contain dis jelly. You’re welcome.

So how surprised are you, if you know me, that I wrote a poetry book called Naked, then posed for pictures with NWA’s Kat Wilson for another wet naked shoot?

Not in the least bit.

So, let me fill you in. Naked is a collection of poetry, short stories (my specialty) and JOURNAL ENTRIES from my youth, just to show off my writing resume. I have documented entries from 1991, and I am including a few entries from then and now that are not only appropriate for our social climate, but it’s just a reminder to all of us that even 36 plus years into the game, the dreamer is still sitting and waiting or a chance to shine in all of us.

I mention the first time I called a boy, the time a boy dumped me because he wasn’t allowed to date a black girl, watching my dog die in the fifth grade, all kinds of stuff.  I learned a lot revisiting my journals; my parents make a lot more sense to me now and my brothers are still two men that I’ll always trust with my life above any other man, and I am loved. I am so loved, and I didn’t even notice. Reading my entries takes me back to the time it happened, and I revisit the stuff I didn’t write down, the stuff I didn’t notice before.

My journals act as a pensieve. Yes, I included a link to the word in case some of you aren’t Pottheads. Funny story too, the biggest tragedies in my life (my older brother, Teddy) were recorded exactly a week from it’s occurrence. Even as a kid, I waited a week to write the stuff that hurt the most. When I realized people in the house were reading my journals, I wrote about feelings instead of names. I changed my journaling to almost prose style just so no one would know exactly what I was up to. I’m impressed, but I also feel like no one will think I’m that clever or articulate. That’s a thing, apparently, it’s called imposter syndrome or something.

If you don’t journal, start immediately. You’ll never know when you need to see the handwriting of you decades ago to remind you that you are safe, loved, and protected. I will say with complete confidence that I would have never survived my life without having a vessel to store my inner dialogue and memories. That’s why I’m cool with releasing this book, sharing my pictures.

It’s different, scary, but I’m gonna be fine. I can do this, I can share myself because something tells me there is a little bit of every woman and (even sometimes man) in the stories I share.

Naked will be released at Bastion Gallery in Downtown Fort Smith November 1-16 with a reception and book signing November 16. The reception will be a night to remember with the masterpiece being YOU, our guests. Join us for a beautiful exhibit designed around my poetry by Annabell Larsh of Mystic Earth, a selfie throne by Kat Wilson, who also is the photographer behind my behind, and a night with me wouldn’t be complete without a poetry reading from myself, Hayleigh Worgan, my publisher, Schuyler Brooks, and Isabella Marianna Barrios all from the same title, Naked.

This is huge for me and following a barrage of false starts and failed projects I am finally proud to have something to share that means the world for me to share with you all.

So many of you have supported me along the way by reading my work, sharing and giving me feedback.  I appreciate all of you so much and couldn’t have made it this far alone!

We are creating a surprise for you with all pieces to be available for purchase, with proceeds going towards a couple of charities dear to us. If you’re interested in supporting us during this journey by helping us purchase art supplies and vendor fees, please consider contributing to the following:

Click here to purchase an Out Loud T Shirt or Tank

Click here to contribute to my Patreon

Thank you to everyone for encouraging me to continue my work, reminding me that I am capable and powerful, and for sticking with me through my dark spots! Oklahomies, remember I am just two hours away; we could easily turn this into a fun night in Fort Smith!

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