Thank YOU!

Crazy weekend, but we survived it! I want to thank everyone who listened, read and shared my story. I’ve been advised by so many people to seek legal action, and the climate seems like it would make things worse for me and my boys. The town is small, and my oldest son is in Fort Smith Public Schools. Retaliation is real in Fort Smith. Because the person involved is a City Director, I’ve also had people just tell me to drop it, as we are in Fort Smith and I’m a black single mother and she’s…. her.

And it’s like, what’s the point? School’s canceled anyways.  Unfair things happen all the time, and at least we all know now not to sneeze in the halls of Spradling or there will be an email going out that you spray farted on the walls.

Not to mention the fact that the employment laws here to fire anyone whenever they want, so it would be like a million years of dealing with that and, to be honest, it’s not worth it to me. I never planned to be a teacher and after my experience, I couldn’t imagine setting foot in there again.

At this point, I just wanna graduate and find an environment where my boys and I never experience this again.

In an attempt to land gracefully while flailing out of my comfort zone I am planning a fundraiser to assist in completing the book while I seek employment. As I mentioned unrequited fundraiserbefore, she is a City Director here so I feel that my chances for employment after her actions are slim, so I’m gonna write until I find something.

Take a second to check out my flyer, and see if there’s something you might be interested in.  People have also advised creating a Go Fund Me account, but I would much rather do it this way, where everyone receives a personal thank you in return.

Thanks to EVERYONE who continue to help and look out for us!


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