You can’t touch me cause I’m on Quarantine.

Quarantine, Quarantine!

You can’t touch me cause I’m on Quarantine!

Quarantine, Quarantine,

Don’t touch your hands, don’t touch your feet,

Wash those hands

Cause we on Quarantine!

We already have a song to commemorate our nationally-forced banishment to our homes, and I think it’s great. We are having trouble enforcing a lot of the touch rules, but everybody’s hands are clean.

Clean for boys.

My giant tantrum from last week led me to a whole new week of falling into a role I’m quite familiar with- Stay at home mom.

My boys are nuts but so am I. I feel like we are trapped in a dream home plopped in the middle of mature trees, ivy plants and daffodils. My inner dialogue shouted to me the other afternoon while we were gathering flowers to press. Imagine what a shout sounds like coming from inside of me, I been speaking Shout fluently way before Kindergarten.


I live in a favorite storybook/movie so aside from work plans, which we are all in the same boat here and it is completely unavoidable so I’m gonna wait till this is over to figure out that part. I’m home. In the Secret Garden, feeling the most inspired by my space and safe in my environment.  Every room has memories from a recurrent dream that involves every house I’ve ever called home. Windows take over our walls, making the house constantly bathed in sunlight.  Skylights remind me of my parent’s house in Bixby and I’ve finally stopped pacing the house for hours.

My friends around the community have made socially distant cameos to my environment with gifts, words of encouragement, and laffs. I’m getting stuff in the mail, and I love it! I can FaceTime my therapist, you should to it!

My time creeps and crawls but it does it for me.

I’m not forcing myself to interact in unnecessary situations; my boys have a lot more of my attention than they used to have and I’m in the space to rectify habits and behavior that’s popped up because of it. My patience is all for them and myself.

I can heal.

I can sleep.

I can do my schoolwork.

I can rebuild the cracks in my household.

I can still have my friends without the expectation of being in constant contact.

I can finally focus enough on myself to fix the flaws I’ve been ignoring within.

There are no distractions.


Don’t complain about being bored.

If you’re bored then you’re boring.


‘80’s babies- We got this! Half of us grew up without all of the shit we are limiting. We know what it’s like to not travel, go out to eat every night, or randomly shop during the day.

We know what it’s like to be poor.

So far my biggest tragedy of this pandemic for me is working on a Dell instead of a MacBook. I’m lucky. But I also hate working on a PC.  I hate it so much.

This can pass if we can remember that we survived staying indoors, away from germs. This likely created itself due to us overexposing ourselves to each other anyways.

Take a look at the changes made with us manipulating Earth less, spending time with those only absolutely necessary.

I will say this; right now the people who are constants in my life are still there. We been doin this without social media for a minute now.

Let’s be romantic again. Send letters and care packages. Create art for yourself and others. Learn your environment and turn it into a place you never want to leave.

Cause we finna be in here a minute.



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