Unpopular Opinions!

Unpopular Opinion Game!😏

Name 10 things that you DO like that most everyone else does NOT…here are mine. They are in no particular order.

1. Eating butter
2. The smell of my own armpits
3. Being lost at a concert by myself
4. Extreme chaos and loud noises
5. Stomping
6. Wearing fishnets with pants
7.The smell of your armpits
8. Actively seeking the most unlikely friends
9. Two dogs. Only two dogs and one is mine.
10. The smell of my old Chucks

One Comment Add yours

  1. Heather Crawford says:

    #1) TARTAR SAUCE AND MALT VINEGAR ON ANY TYPE OF SOUTHERN FRIED FOOD (including but not limited to side hush puppies and long john silver fries)
    #2) Overdressing for the occasion.
    #3) Overcast Days and Tornado Weather.
    #4) The smell of a sour baby neck and my own sweaty kids scalps after a hard play.
    #5) untangling super knots and kinks in “fine chains” …like those 14k gold or sterling silver 16 inchers mamaw got you at Christmas’ and birthdays with the butterfly pendants.
    #6) Walking from the door to the car in the rain, and vice versa.
    #7) Driving for extended periods of time. (4+ hours)
    #8) The smell of burning pipe tobacco.
    #9) Popping other people’s acne and black heads
    #10) Cherokee Cultural “Superstitions”


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