The time I got arrested in front of my house.

People might remember this night, because they actually saw it happen from Northbrook Apartments. I refuse to check the year so I’m assuming young Shannon was 22 years old. Full of life, full of Rumpleminze and dollar drafts on this particular evening.

Like lots of ladies in their twenties, I had an unfortunate back and forth beau who was often subjected to many different versions of the woman you see today. They weren’t pretty. They were a nightmare, to be exact. I’m not perfect, but at least I’m not afraid to admit it. But two Capricorns don’t make a right either.

So me and this dude are in the back parking lot of NSU, trying to decide.whose house we were gonna make up and break up at this week. We are sitting on the back of my Accord, talking and enjoying the moonlit night. During this regular midnight or later conversation, campus police roll up, lights on.

After a brief conversation this officer decides that I’d be coming with him for the night to celebrate my public intoxication in everyone’s favorite Tahlequah Hotel. I try to explain that both of our houses are “right over there” but he was having none of that; at least in my case. I stare longingly at my white house that was RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET and wonder why we didn’t just go to mine since the weed was there anyways.

He turns to dude and says, “You can go on home, son.” Waves off my whiskey drunk partner, but he stays put.

“What about her?” My eyes widen to see this dude is talking back to the police, while drunk.

“I’mma give you another chance, son. Go on home,”

I can’t make this up.

Bro tosses his hands in the air and yells “What about SHANNON?!”

“Alright, you’re comin with us.”

We both are cuffed and loaded into the police car beside each other.

Policeman turns around and asks him, “You wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t keep your mouth shut. Why couldn’t you have just left like I said, huh?”

He looks solemnly at the policeman who cuffed me immediately but gave him two opportunities to go home and said,

“A good captain always goes down with his ship.”

We made out, cuffs on, all the way to jail.

Capricorns, we are the absolute most.

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