Out Loud’s name began one night in my buddy’s place last November. We were whiteboarding things we could do for Fort Smith through our social media. We talked about loving our city Out Loud, and there it was. Out Loud with Shannon. Supporting all things Fort Smith! From that moment, with time permitting, I podcasted […]

I was a happy-go-lucky teenager until the summer before my senior year. A tragedy hit my family and in order to survive I surrounded myself in an elaborate dissociative cloak of armor, made of peacock feathers.  It’s grown with my once tiny frame, like a second skin I became so used to that peeling it […]

Three years ago, this month I saw two little sacs growing inside me. I cried and thought to myself that I could not be happier. On the way to the car after the ultrasound, I remember my husband at the time telling me. “this is your job now. You’re not going back to school or […]

In my usual fashion I pull a rabbit out of a hat at Bookish! These ladies are so patient with me and my ideas, and I am so grateful that they indulged me and allowed me to host ANOTHER podcast in their beautiful home. This particular meeting brought me closer to the direction I want […]

My feelings are all over the place today. I woke up disappointed but managed to make sure that I look better than usual. I didn’t put on makeup but y’all saw the selfies of me in that hat and they do not tell lies. I mean, that filter is a low level filter but that’s […]