I ain’t heard one person over the age of ten who proclaims that Valentine’s Day is the best holiday on the planet. That’s because it genuinely isn’t. I’ve participated in over thirty myself, and the ones that particularly jump out at me involve a guy from Glenpool when I was a senior, and my dad. […]

It took a minute, but I survived the holidays with the rest of y’all and I’m ready to share our first Out Loud Concert Series of the year with The New West! Melissa and her crew over at Frozen Over Hell on the Border were gracious to allow us and a piggity-packed house to enjoy […]

I’m taking an unnatural amount of selfies. Some of them are even filtered, which I am slightly ashamed of. You won’t see me dropping a bunch of puppy dog ear pictures or that one filter that makes you look 25 again, the bags are gone from under my eyes and the smile lines that I […]

DON’T TOUCH MY SH- SHTUFF! Usually, it’s ‘don’t touch my shit,’ Adults are home. We are the last generation of Latchkey Kids We spent our afternoons alone listening to music Songs we couldn’t play loud with adults around In 1993 I was eleven, he was fourteen Too cool for me in public Best of buddies […]

I love creating something that I wouldn’t have alone. I love being able to see another person’s imagination because it makes me feel safe to be myself around them. If I’m safe to be myself, extraordinary things happen, when someone feels safe to be themselves with me, more extraordinary things happen.