About Me

I’m a sensual romantic, and I prefer to stay that way.

I started writing as a wee lassie and with the support of my family and friends, I’m coming into my own after decades of mediocre caliber work sprinkled with bits of tenacity.

Remember when romanticism wasn’t categorized as thirst? When we shared handwriting instead of memes?

I love memes, but I love handwriting more.

I need to revive love and respect for true intimacy through creativity because I know I’m not the only one out there wishing, hoping and meditating on experiencing a love story of my own. I need to write about how it feels to experience a moment that shakes you from a dreamless slumber.

I need to remind you that there are more than just feelings of lust and disappointment.

Mostly I need to remind everyone so that I don’t forget.

Amongst the cynicism, hurt feelings and built walls, is a heart searching for something bigger than ourselves that contributes to the masterpiece of our lives.

Let me turn you into poetry, let me insert love and intimacy into your life, you’ll thank me well after it’s over, whether you’re still around or not.